Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This morning Ellie went in to have tubes put in her ears because of the many, many ear infections she has had over the past year. Thank you to all who were praying. She did great and everything went quickly. The only time she even cried was when she woke up and they brought her to me. As soon as she was in my arms, she crashed and slept for a half hour until we left. So far it hasn't seemed to affect her, as she's been running around with Jack since we've been home.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our First Snowman

Josh here. After the big melt last week, we got a little snow last night. Jack and I built our first snowman ever today (I know, he is 3 and a half, I am a terrible father). Check him out below. I remember it being easier to build these when I was a kid. The whole rolling a snowball and making a bigger ball thing did not go as planned, but our new friend turned out awesome anyway.

Happy Valentines!

I don't generally do much for Valentines Day and especially don't want to make a habit of giving big gifts for the kids, however I needed an excuse to give them these great sleeping bags I got from Land's End after Christmas time. Jack has been asking for his own sleeping bag ever since Josh went on a trip last summer and had to use one. Both bags have been on the living room floor all day. Check out these pictures of the kids just chillin' before nap time. I'm pretty confident it will be money well spent.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friends and Pigtails

Yesterday I watched a friend of mines daughter for a couple of hours. I actually really enjoy having other kids over because it keeps my own kids so busy. Ellie is becoming quite the little girl and enjoys having other girls around to play with. She LOVES her brother, but sometimes he just gets to her.
Jack and Ellie waiting patiently in the chair watching for Mackenzie to arrive
"Aaahhh! Get off me!", she says

Ellie's hair is still a little to short for pigtails, but I tried anyway. They are a little lopsided, but I thought they were still cute.
I've been surprised lately how Ellie will go up and cuddle people other than myself or Josh. Here she sat on Leanne's lap, almost falling asleep, for about 10 minutes while watching television.

Lunch and a Dog and Kids, Oh My!

This week my cousins wife and kids were in town from Chicago and we all had lunch together at my aunts house. It's the first time since the summer that we've had the older ones all together. Jack and the three girls all wanted to sit at the little table despite the lack of space. In addition to their dog going from kid to kid wanting food, I'm surprised any of them ate anything.

Pictured here is Eleanor, Hailey, Paige and Jack. With three more babies (not in the picture) it will be a crazy summer up north. Seven kids under the age of 4!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sleepy Head

It's only been about a month since Eleanor gave up her morning nap and moved to only one nap in the afternoon with Jack. I try and hold her off until he goes down around two but sometimes she's just too exhausted! Often If I run an erand after lunch she'll fall asleep in the car. Here's Ellie, one day last week she didn't even flinch when I laid her down to take her coat off. Kids aren't any sweeter than when they're sleeping!

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