Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Weekend Fun

Just another weekend at the lake, plus all the extra work of opening up for the summer. We had a great time and enjoyed being with family. Saturday was all about getting the work done (dock in, boats and seadoos in, yard work, trampoline up, etc...). All the kids basically lived on the trampoline and I have a feeling it will be like that all summer. I really don't mind because my responsibility then is to just sit and supervise...maybe reading a book at the same time :)
Eleanor and Paige playing Ring Around the Rosie on the tramp. The smiles and giggles were so classic!
Ellie has found a new friend.
The mind of a two year old can and will change quickly..."I like this hat""No, I don't want the hat on"
There's nothing like staring into burning flames to calm the children down
Paige(my cousin's daughter) and Jack were the unlikely match in friendship. The first day we were there Paige pulled Jack all around the yard by the hand. We just kept gushing about how cute they were.
First of all, my dad couldn't find Ellie's sweatshirt so he just threw Drew's on her...The reason that is so funny is that Drew is only 6 months old and they wear the same size. So here's our little tom boy being all cute and then I turn around to find her hiding under the trampoline putting sticks up her nose.
The more i scolded her(or rather laughed), the funnier she thought to keep it up.
A long weekend outside...anyone else for a nap on Nana?


Paige and Eleanor, 2nd cousins are only 3 weeks apart in age. At almost 2 years old they are such little divas together. The matching sunglasses were too cute to not try and snap a shot and we just kept laughing at how they were so dainty playing in the sand, trying not to get their feet and hands too dirty. I'm hoping as the summer goes on, they'll get a little more acclimated to being not so clean at the lake.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Riverbank Running

It's an understatement to say how proud I am of Josh for finishing the Riverbank 25k just over a week ago. It wasn't the greatest weather to run in as it started pouring about 2 miles into my race and at the starting line of Josh's. There was a record number of participants this year with over 17,000 in the combined races. In efforts to not retype a bunch of stuff below I just copied my personal story/synopsis that I wrote to all my triathlon training friends.

This year for me was actually so much more about my husband who ran the 25k. It was his first time running anything more than a 5k and he and his running buddy did awesome!(They finished at 2:15.00) We met at our house in the morning and drove down together. We had free parking at the Amway which was fun to walk out of the garage into the middle of the start and all the masses of people. I kept looking at the start for anyone from our group but couldn't seem to find anyone. I had my ipod but I think I would have really liked having a buddy to run with this year. Seeing Josh train so much with his friend made me feel lonely. This was my 3rd 10k and a personal best on my race time but it's hard toexplain...I just felt a little lost out there this race. It was alright, but I don't really love running in the rain. I think it slowed me down a little. All in all a good race. Like Bekah said, I just love the event/race atmosphere. WhenI look at other runners I just wonder...what's their story? What does this finish mean to them? What might they be overcoming? etc...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Phelp's Farm

A couple weekends ago we went to some friends of ours house for dinner and to hang for the evening. They live a little north of town on a farm and our kids had yet to visit in the daylight hours. Jack had such a blast trailing after their son Owen who is this total farm boy at heart...terrorizing chickens, scooping corn in digger trucks, throwing cats through fences, etc... Eleanor's highlight was falling in the wet mud trying to keep up with the boys. All in all a fun night. Jack's been talking about it a lot and I'm sure we'll be visiting again soon. Thanks for a fun time Aaron and Liz!