Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas Past

Almost a month past due, this post is really only for me and archiving purposes. We are all well beyond the Christmas season around here but I felt like still wanted to recap a little...
Christmas with the Goads...Jack was just getting over the flu and so the family didn't stay together for too long...just enough to do some legos and play Sorry!

Our last Christmas morning on Foster Ave. complete with a Doodle Bear and new sleds for the hills at Nana's house. (where we are currently living)
Other than the craziness of selling the house and moving within two weeks, one of our favorite things this season was actually getting to attend church on Christmas morning. It was a memorable service and allowed us to really share in a tangible way with our kids the reason we celebrate to begin with. 
Merry Christmas.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Phone pics from this week...
I never realized Ellie had such a small head until she commandeered Max's super cute sock monkey hat. 

 watching cartoons like a big boy
 Introducing my new niece, Sadie Harper

Great Wolf Lodge

Back in early December (wow, that seems like forever ago) we took the kids on a surprise overnight trip to Great wolf Lodge. It has become somewhat of an annual getaway for us, but the kids didn't think it would happen until sometime well after Christmas. It so was fun to surprise them. We had the car packed the night before and after church the next morning just kept driving north. 
I love watching kids in the water, especially when they're fearless :)
At first I thought we would need two adults at this kiddie slide for Max (one at the top and one at bottom). I was pleasantly surprised how independant he was...