Monday, March 30, 2009

Uncle Scot

A couple weeks ago my brother Scot came for a visit from Florida. We were thrilled he was coming since at Christmas it had been a year since he was last here. With Josh on second shift our little family even headed out to the airport to greet him. Most anyone with a little boy will know that the airport is a really cool place to visit! It always takes a short time for them to warm up to Scot but when they do neither want to let him out of sight. Even now two weeks after he left Eleanor still says his name every time we pull into my mom's driveway.
So far Jack has not showed much serious interest in sports, granted he his only 3 1/2. For those of you who know him, he is our little science guy. Jack loves to figure things out and always asks how things work...until now. Scot brought his skateboard home and Jack just thought it was the coolest thing ever. In the picture below he had just done a "trick" and the board accidentally went flying through the air. Ellie looked at me with her mouth wide open and you can see for yourselves Jack's reaction.

It was great to see you Scot! Come home again soon.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's warming up

I think the warm up is officially on. It's in the 50's this weekend and I'm really hoping we're done with the snow and winter weather. I can't stand to be inside with these kids all the time anymore. Today we were able to get outside for a while. It was so nice! I think we're even going to wash and vacuum out cars tomorrow.

Do they ever not want to be doing the same thing?

We call this the Goad furrow. Both my kids know how to wrinkle their eyebrows just enough to let you know they're not happy. "Mom, you said we could go for a walk, let's go!"

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On His Way to 25K!

Up until this week both Josh and I have been training to run a 25K race in May. Because of the training time and Josh's work schedule I've decided to scale back and just run the 10K. That to say, I am so proud of Josh! He has never really been a runner before and this afternoon he just finished running 9 miles. I'm just a little sad to not be keeping up with him since I'm so competitive. Here is a picture of Jack sporting Josh's new running visor.
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