Friday, September 11, 2009

School Days

My boy is off to school! He did great and like most was very excited. How in the world did the past 4 years go so fast. I'm a proud Mamma! He walked right up to his classroom and classmates, we prayed together before going in and he never looked back. Unfortunately Eleanor cried the whole mile home "Want Jacky Mommy." I'm sure once she realizes the attention is now all for her she'll be ok.
Jack - 4 years old

Do you think he's just a little excited?

Oops, was I supposed to teach him how to wear a backpack?

"Goodbye Higgins Lake"

Most of my fondest memories growing up some how include Higgins Lake. Every time we pulled away my parents let us unbuckle and look behind us down the big hill to say "Goodbye Higgins Lake" as we waved our hands and remembered all the good times we had...until next summer.

This is what bouncing three kids at the same time looks likeJack with my mom tubing

We were getting a little a low on firewood (not that it mattered because we're surrounded by forest), but we had three huge pine trees cut down last week. You can see some of the giant logs in the background. I rarely get to because Josh doesn't like it much, but I love sitting by a good fire and stoking it late into the night. Here's a picture of what some fresh cut pine can give you :)