Monday, January 31, 2011


Michigan snow is good for something...
We have a great sledding hill just a few blocks from our house at Ellie's school. Funny thing remembering myself sledding on the same hill at this age.


The sunshine is deceiving.
Max lasted about 10 minutes in 20 degrees with the wind blowing
so this time we watched from the sidelines (i.e. car)
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Star Wars Doll House?

Nothing brings joy to a parent like stumbling upon irrational creativity from your kiddos. In this case, I wandered into the living room to find Jack and Ellie transporting Eleanor's doll house furniture to a random location and setting up the old Star Wars crew for a little TV watching. If you must know, they spent time watching some Narnia, followed up by the football game that started out being between the Lions and Bears (Go Lions!) and turned into a game between the fighting AT-AT Walkers and the Bears (I am pretty sure the Bears don't stand a chance).
Poor Darth had to sit on the coffee table, with Luke on the floor while Ahsoka got the primo seat.

Leia and the clone trooper were cozy on the couch with R2 playing chaperone...hand check!

One big happy family...looks like Uncle Chewy swung in for the end of the game.

Note that there is a bathroom in the upstairs (I can attest to Ahsoka being very lady-like on the potty), a kitchen next to the pink box (they baked steak for know Chewy loved that), and when bed time came around, this Star Wars family definitely believes in the concept of family bed.

Jack and Ellie...thanks for a great memory.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Biking in a Blizzard

Okay not really a blizzard, but it makes the experience sound better right?
Sunday evening we were feeling a little cooped up and the kids asked if we could take a walk around the block. 
I was all for getting some fresh air. 

We made it about 100 yards before Jack was ready to turn around
Ellie was done before leaving the front of the house.
It was COLD!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

5 Months

Another month has passed so quickly. Maxwell is still our chunker but seems to sliming down a bit as he grows. Over the passed month he graduated from the playmat to the exersaucer and has been eating cereal for about a week. He does alright with it, but definitely still prefers to nurse.
He loves to grab and stuff any kind of fabric (burp cloth, taggie, shirt) in his face and chew on it. He is very ticklish under his arms and on the bottom of his feet...bummer for him Jack and Ellie know this. He has a very pleasant and chill demeanor and seems to be the one thing everone comments on.
brother and sister just couldn't leave him alone

silly faces always

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